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It is apparent that Daemado(Tsushima) are integral parts of the Republic of Korea's territory.
Now, Viewing "Daemado(Tsushima)`s Historical Proof Data by Old Maps of Korea."

1785, original japanese old map : Korean Island (Daemado) : Map tampering, Robbing territory !

KBS Documentary: Map tampering, re-issuance and dissemination, robbing territory !

1402, Korean Maps - Oriental Oldest World Maps 1734, France Maps 18c, Germany Maps Historical Proof_Data Old Maps 1815, Corea & Japan 1530, Korea Maps 1857, Korea Maps 1557,1770 Korea Maps 19c, Japan Maps 1904, England Maps NihonShoki Japan's Cruel War Crimes 18c, Korea Maps 19c, Japan Maps

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This film shows the historical & legal basis that Dokdo is Korean Territory.

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